10 Types of Businesses That Are Benefiting from Text Message Marketing

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10 Types of Businesses That Are Benefiting from Text Message Marketing

Welcome back, readers! In our last blog post, we told you how cool GC Text REALLY is, but you may still be wondering if it’s a good tool for YOUR business. Well, we’ve got great news for you! In today’s post, we’re diving head first into ten different business types that benefit from text message marketing and how it’s driving their audience engagement rates through the roof. 

Let’s jump right in!


Small businesses are taking their customer service levels up a notch by capitalizing on the booming benefits of text message marketing. Being able to easily and efficiently reach their customers via text message is a total game changer in response times, the effectiveness of their sales or current campaigns, or even things like changes in open and close schedules for the day. 


One of the biggest benefits of text message marketing for real estate agencies is the ability to gain client feedback on their current properties for sale. Imagine sending out a simple questionnaire for feedback on a new listing, and in return receiving quality feedback for your seller so they know what they need to do to get their home sold fast! This can be invaluable information that is well worth the effort when it comes to buying and selling real estate!


Communication is crucial when it comes to schools these days, and every minute matters when it comes to immediate information sharing. From notifying parents of early dismissal to a potential threat in the community, schools need to have a quick and easy way to communicate with the members of their district and parents alike. By utilizing the benefits of GC Text, educators can do all of that and more with a quick and simple text message. 


Waitlist notifications, cancellations, giveaways. Gym and fitness centers are using text message marketing to open up the airways to their clients with customizable messaging to not only increase foot traffic, but engage with their loyal members. 

EXAMPLE: Use text marketing to encourage gym members to bring their friends for a buddy workout. Then reward them with an exclusive offer when they do. It’s a win-win for everyone! 


Creating connections with new members is the number one priority in most churches and through text message marketing, they can do just that. Maybe you would like to have feedback from first-time visitors, or you’re looking to invite members to the latest small group starting next week. This is where a simple personalized text message can be huge for members of your congregation to take them from contacts to real connections in a matter of seconds from their phone!


SALE! SALE! SALE! Need we say more? What better way to notify shoppers of a manager’s special sale on produce this week than sending a quick text? 


Building a community of regulars with opt-ins through text message marketing offers customers that personal touch, and therefore pushes eateries ahead of their competition. Sending exclusive deals or discounts to your audience via text is how you’ll keep your customers coming back for those happy hour deals each week. #Cheers


Salons can make life extra easy for busy clients by scheduling a reminder text about discounted rates or upcoming appointment details! They can also fill in last-minute cancellations with clients on the waitlist by sending a simple text message to inform them about an immediate opening. 


Build your relationships and increase signups. This can be huge to increase the volume of your volunteers for your next event. For nonprofits focused on disaster relief, mobilizing people for rescue during emergencies is the top priority. You can’t rely on making calls or urgent emails during crises. Texting can be a vital tool and even a lifesaver in these types of situations. 


We’re all bogged down with an overflowing inbox these days, so why not simplify communication with texting to connect with your employees? With GC text you can notify your network of employees with reminders for upcoming events or even a fresh pot of brewed coffee in the breakroom. 

Ready to learn more? Hop on the bandwagon and let’s connect! http://gctext.com/ 

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