Benefits and Tips for Homebuilders Using Text Message Marketing

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Benefits and Tips for Homebuilders Using Text Message Marketing

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and start texting, all you homebuilders! In today’s blog post, we’re taking you through the basics (think “text marketing 101” here) of how to put your SMS marketing plan into action and discussing the different types of messages you can send out to increase those clicks, RSVPs, and sales! 

Warning: Seatbelts on, please keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times as we know this text marketing ride is known to induce various forms of wild excitement along the way. Please remain seated until the end of this post to check out a *bonus video* created for homebuilders looking to crush their business goals just like you! 

Here are 7 ways homebuilders can use GC Text and how it can help you market your business! 

Tip #1: Homebuilders can create text messages targeted towards realtors AND brokers (easier communication for brokers via text vs. email). By utilizing this tactic, you’re zeroing in on those agents that can help get your listings sold quick, fast, and in a hurry without worrying about wasted efforts on those that aren’t necessarily interested in these types of updates. 

Tip #2: Text marketing makes sending out those promotional flyers to your target audience a total breeze (Reminder: this is your audience that has ‘opted IN’ to getting a text from you, they are primed!). Your open house, grand opening, or latest campaign won’t get lost in a sea of emails and is more likely to get read when a customer receives that exciting ping! on their smartphone (that 98% open rate means it will get read immediately, versus staying unread in a full email inbox!). 

Tip #3: You can communicate efficiently through text! Your sales and marketing teams can have a quick and personal conversation with consumers via text message using our forwarding feature (see our tools blog HERE to check out this feature!). Any time a consumer sends a text message, your designated team can get notified by email and can respond to those text messages on our platform. People are always on the go and they will appreciate a quick and convenient response to their questions regarding floorplan information, hours of operation, driving directions, etc. 

Tip #4: Spread the word on your latest events with one simple click! Announcing phase releases and grand openings through text is just one more way to get foot traffic through your model homes and encourage buyers to stop by for a tour. Drip campaigns will become your new BFF when it comes to advertising big events like this! Read all about them HERE.

Tip #5: Capitalize on technology: you can send consumers DIRECTLY to your virtual tours! Yes, this a thing and we’re totally here for it. This is extremely convenient if prospective homebuyers can’t make it to your grand opening for an in-person tour, or if they want a sneak peek before the big reveal. #Winning

Tip #6: Connect with a younger demographic (we’re looking at you first-time homebuyers!). For the millennial generation, text messaging is a preferred method of communication with businesses. Need we say more?

Tip #7: Save money and cash-in on your ROI. Text message marketing is very cost-effective and simple. You can save time and money by using GC Text for up to 10 cents per text (if you sign up for the Gold Package it’s only 5 cents per text!). 

As a general rule of thumb here, remember the golden rule: treat your audience like you would want to be treated. Don’t bombard them with stagnant information, but instead increase engagement and opt-ins with the purposeful content for which they signed up. Use text messages for general (but helpful) information, event marketing reminders and RSVP call to actions, and product updates that your consumers would find valuable. 

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for…a bonus video from Homebuilder Happy Hour with more text marketing insights! Enjoy!

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