Do’s and Don’ts of Text Message Marketing – What to Keep in Mind!

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Do’s and Don’ts of Text Message Marketing – What to Keep in Mind!

Now that you know what GC Text is and what types of businesses can use it, let’s talk about HOW you can use it to boost your brand and keep your audience engaged long term. 

We now know that text marketing is a complete and total game changer when it comes to interacting with your target audience while creating a community at the same time. It’s fast, efficient, and can send your engagement rates through the roof which ticks all of our favorite marketing boxes! But, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure that you keep your audience opting in instead of opting out of your contact list. 

Here are 5 of our best practices to keep in mind when using text marketing:

DO introduce yourself

Don’t leave your audience in the dark when they receive a text notification from you by introducing yourself. (You know, like those “Hi My Name Is _____” name tags, just less old school and more conversational.) Telling them who you are not only boosts your brand recognition, but it helps to build that personal relationship at the same time. Be sure to personalize your messages with your customer’s first name too, as this will boost your open rate and make them feel like your message is custom sent versus a mass standard text. 

DO have a CTA with each and every message

Are you wanting your audience to enter your giveaway? Tell them how with a simple but clear call to action.

Ex: Thanks for signing up for the latest “Cobalt Steaks” news! Click here for your complimentary appetizer! 


Ex: Reply with your birthday and we’ll send you a FREE birthday cake shake coupon code! 

DO keep messages short & sweet

Don’t overload your audience with texts longer than 160 characters. Nobody has time for that, right?

Audience attention spans are short these days, especially when it comes to text messages! They want to be able to quickly scan the message for their discount code or opt-in and be on their way, so don’t send them a novel to read via text. 

DO give your audience a way to opt out

Of course, you want to keep our audience engaged for the long haul, but you don’t want them to feel like they HAVE to receive your texts, or that opting out isn’t an option. Be clear with your directions by attaching “Text STOP to opt-out” to keep your customers and clients happy. We’ll just cross our fingers that they’ll be back again real soon! 

DO be transparent with a disclaimer

Let your audience know that standard data messaging fees apply with each text sent for the sake of honest transparency. All wireless data plans vary, so it’s good marketing practice to add on a disclaimer at the end of your outbound messages that remind your recipients that standard rates may apply. 

Ex: Thanks for joining the LA Beauty Club! Use the code FREEBIE for your complimentary facial! Message and data rates may apply. 

GC Text is definitely a useful tool to have in your wheelhouse that can have you in touch with your audience in a matter of seconds, but keeping these common courtesy tips in mind will only make your experience (and your customers’ experience) even better! 

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