How to Promote Your Text Message on Digital Platforms!

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How to Promote Your Text Message on Digital Platforms!

If there’s anything we’re absolutely sure of in today’s tech-savvy world, it’s that the easiest, most cost-effective way (we’re talking pennies) to market to the masses is via opt-in text marketing

But how exactly do you reach your target consumers to build that text message marketing list and entice people to sign up in the first place? That is the golden question…

We’ll go ahead and let you in on a little secret. It’s WAY easier than you think. Intrigued? We are and you should be too!

The best way to get your customers to opt-in is to give them the chance to do so at every point of contact. No matter what kind of company you own or industry you’re in, you can maximize the benefits of your GC Text campaign by promoting it throughout your company’s existing media channels. By doing this, you’re proactively capitalizing on all opportunities to advertise your text message contact list without even breaking a sweat. 

Here are five proven ways to leverage your text marketing power to increase your signups:


If you’re using your e-mail to send out newsletters (…which you’re totally doing, right?) then you’re ahead of the game because you’ve already built a contact database – #GoYou. So, the next time you’re crafting content for your newsletter, remember to tell those loyal subscribers (with some kind of banner or signage) that they can get or receive the latest news about your business updates via text message!


Post your call-to-action information on the ‘gram! Share posts on Instagram that explain how to get signed up for your text list and highlight the benefits of joining in on the fun. Take things a step further and add a “Mobile Number” field to your Instagram bio for additional sign-ups and opt-ins. 


Get additional eyes on your latest campaign by adding your call-to-action message to your Facebook cover photo. You can even add an “opt-in” button for your followers to sign up directly from your business page. 


Start promoting sign-ups to your text message marketing list on the homepage of your website. For online retail businesses, try adding a checkbox at the end of the checkout process, where shoppers can simply click to opt-in for your latest deals and discounts!


On top of your digital marketing efforts, reach the masses stuck in traffic through traditional marketing tools like billboards. 

The bottom line here? You can effectively grow your text marketing list in more ways than one, and you certainly don’t have to start from scratch. By tapping into your existing contact list, and strengthening your advertising efforts with things like billboards, social media posts, and opt-in buttons, you’re able to grow that number of contacts in no time.

Are you ready to launch a text messaging campaign that engages, cultivates, and converts your ideal customers? Learn more about how you can easily leverage your text marketing efforts through GC Text with this message from our fearless leaders!

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