How to use a Drip Campaign with Text Message Marketing

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How to use a Drip Campaign with Text Message Marketing

You’ve most likely heard of drip campaigns when it comes to the world of email marketing. Well, we’ve got big news for you, so pop the bubbly! If you are a fan of using them for e-mail, you’re now able to apply the exact same strategy to your text message campaigns, too. Exciting, right? Excuse us while we jump up and down over here in total celebration mode. 

Now, if you’ve never heard of these types of campaigns, you’re probably thinking, “what exactly is a text message drip and why do I need it for marketing?” It probably sounds like something to do with a leaky faucet (and no one has time for that). While there are no leaky faucets here, we are spilling it all on why drip campaigns are such a great feature of GC Text. Unlike a regular campaign where you have to manually schedule content each time you want to send something to your audience, drip campaigns are set up to send your message out automatically. They are ideal for welcoming new subscribers, special promotions, contests, and even nurturing new leads. 

Once you create your drip campaign, it runs in the background and does the legwork for you. Not only are they good for saving time and effort, but drip campaigns are also effective at driving conversions, too!

Why we love drip marketing campaigns!

  1. They work for any type of business. No matter what you’re promoting, they’re a great way to keep your contact list informed. Restaurants can send out messages about events and/or menu items. Builders or real estate agencies can keep clients updated about new neighborhoods and listings. Spas and salons can remind customers about their services and specials, etc. 
  2. Drip campaigns are the ultimate time-saver. You’re able to create all of your messages in advance for them to be sent in the future. This helps you run your campaigns more efficiently and gets you back to work in other areas of your business.
  3. They are a good way to deliver valuable content to your audience and establish yourself as an expert in your field. They make for great educational campaigns or courses related to your specific industry.
  4. When you’ve reviewed your analytics and determined when your audience is most engaged, drip campaigns make it easy to send out messages at the right times. That way, your audience is more likely to see and respond to your content.
  5. They support new leads for your business. Some customers need to be exposed multiple times to a message before they actually decide to respond. Drip campaigns let you provide relevant information, which in turn can motivate them to take action. Get ready to watch your conversion rates soar!

How to set up a text message drip campaign

Drip campaigns are surprisingly easy to set up, and we even have a step-by-step tutorial to show you how! Take a look and set yours up today at  

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