The 5 Best Ways to Engage With Your Audience Through Text Marketing

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The 5 Best Ways to Engage With Your Audience Through Text Marketing

It’s time to throw an engagement party! No, not that kind of engagement party. Although, we would consider our latest obsession with text message marketing quite the love affair. We’re head over heels for text marketing and its booming engagement rates and you should be too! 

By now, we all know we’re living in a technology-driven world. We tweet, scroll, and Instastory like it’s our job…(Well, technically it IS our job, but you get the idea.) When we’re not busy scrolling through social media, we’re texting machines. And we know that for millennials, text messaging is their preferred method of communication, especially when it comes to interacting with their favorite businesses. In fact, text messages have a 98% open rate. Yes, we said 98… as in out of 100. Crazy, right? We’re just assuming the other 2% must have their phones on “Do not disturb”. 

So, what does all of this mean for your current and future customers? The best way to reach them is by phone, and we don’t mean by dialing their number for a quick phone call, either. Text marketing has forever changed the way that communication works between businesses and their customers’ favorite brands by creating an entirely new stream of communication.

Establishing a text marketing presence with your brand and engaging with your audience through quality content is well worth every bit of effort. And, while finding and keeping customers can be challenging at times, it’s equally important to maintain and build relationships with the customers or clients that you already have. 

Put a ring on your engagement rates with text message marketing with these five proven tactics: 

Surveys and polls

Ask your audience what their favorite happy hour cocktail is! Or, ask what style of kitchen tickles their fancy most with a survey or poll. Within seconds, you’ll have all the feedback you need. 

Using personal data to give a personalized touch (example: birthdays, anniversaries) 

Make your customers feel extra special on their big day by sending a customized happy birthday text! Or, has it been one year since your client bought their first home with you? Celebrate their milestone with an anniversary text!

Exclusive deals or promotions

Nothing brings in a crowd like a good deal or discount! Let your audience in on the secret for 25% off Wine Wednesday for text subscribers only!


Have your audience show off their favorite pet photo in your latest pet-of-the-month contest by texting “Who’s a good puppy” to 51971. By the way, we’ll be happy to help you decide the winner on that one. 

Call to action to RSVP or visit your website 

Send out a call to action to your customers. “Did you know this neighborhood is opening this weekend? Click the link to RSVP (or) to check out the floorplans.” This is a sure-fire way to get an immediate response out of your audience.

While branding trends are constantly evolving, it’s important that you take the time to invest in what really works best for you and your audience. Make sure you are doing everything you can to build a brand that stands out among the competition with GC Text. Get started by promoting, notifying, and engaging with your audience with a simple text notification: 

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